Spice Kitchen – International Chilli Collection Spice Tin



•   Indian Chilli Powder (20g)

•   Dried Whole Chillies (20g)

•   Spanish Paprika (20g)

•   Syrian Aleppo Pepper (20g)

•   Kashmiri Chilli Powder (20g)

•   Turkish Urfa Biber (20g)

•   Tunisian Harissa (20g)


International Chilli Collection with 7 Chillies including Kashmiri Chilli Powder. Stainless steel storage tin with, 9 unique spices.

Metal spoon included for accurate measures. All the spices in one tin you need to create authentic international food. Includes free recipe guide.

You are going to love this amazing set of chillies from around the world. Ideal for experimental home chefs who wants to cook with unusual flavours or anyone who just likes it HOT! Add colour, flavour and visual appeal to your plate with this awesome range of international chillies.

Why you’ll love it   

•   Free recipe guide with lots of quick and easy dishes as well as our family favourites

•   Handmade in the UK with love

•   Spice blends are made fresh in small batches here in the UK

•   A great gift for the budding foodie or an experienced chef!

•   Looks gorgeous in your kitchen