Really Good Conversations – Friends


Skip the small talk and take a shortcut straight to the good stuff with Really Good Conversations! 

Packed full of thought provoking conversation starters, this highly rated game creates an opportunity to share and listen to each other like never before.

Play with friends, play with family or play with someone you only just met; the key to having a really good conversation is just knowing the right question to ask.

Perfect for:

  • dinner parties
  • long drives with the kids
  • picnics
  • first dates
  • sitting at the pub with friends

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✅ FAMILY FRIENDLY FUN: Family friendly questions are carefully designed to spark interesting, fun and sometimes surprising conversations that teach you new things about those that matter most to you.

✅ DISCOVER FAMILY HISTORY: Give younger family members the chance to ask the important questions and older family members the platform to share their unique stories, history and wisdom forward.

✅ PORTABLE SIZE: Pocket sized and fully portable means you can take them anywhere. Put in your bag to add some extra fun to your next day trip, holiday, picnic or long drive.

✅ SKIP SMALL TALK: If you or a friend finds social interactions tricky, Really Good Conversations could be a powerful tool to make it more enjoyable. This pack provides structure and predictability, taking the guess work out of social situations.

✅ PREMIUM GRADE CARDS: Premium quality, highly durable cards.

✅ UK MADE: Proudly designed and manufactured here in the UK.

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