Really Good Conversations – Kids


It’s finally here! The highly anticipated edition of the hit UK card game: Really Good Conversations for Kids.

Use as a stand alone game or as an add-on to the original, these carefully crafted thought-provoking questions are designed to inspire young minds and set the scene for healthy communication to flourish.

Perfect for long drives, parties, play dates and classrooms.

Age guide: 6 – 12 years

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✅ BOOSTS CREATIVITY & CRITICAL THINKING: Enhances problem-solving and creative thinking through thought-provoking questions.

 ENHANCES SELF-AWARENESS: Aids in self-reflection, boosting confidence and understanding of oneself.

✅ FOSTERS EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Encourages self-reflection and emotional expression, vital for healthy relationships.

✅ IMPROVES SOCIAL SKILLS: Promotes active listening, effective communication, and teamwork.

✅ TAKE ANYWHERE: Portable and easy to play anywhere: on the road or at home.

✅ PREMIUM GRADE CARDS: Premium quality, highly durable cards.

✅ UK MADE: Proudly designed and manufactured here in the UK.

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