Lola & Gilbert Phrase Pouches


From Lola & Gilbert, this pouch is made of super high quality canvas which is designed and hand printed in London. All bags have a lovely contrast zipper to add detail and are conveniently lined with a water repelling black nylon. Which comes in useful for any spills and leaks you may have… Not to say your accident prone… but just in case.

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· Pouch Size – 20.5 x 16cm

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Cinderella is proof a pair of shoes can change your life!, Maybe shes born with it, maybe its an Instagram filter!, Best Mummy. Like. Ever., I have 'CDO', its like 'OCD' but in alphabetical order. As it should be., It's not easy being this damn pretty., Best Daddy. Like. Ever!, This bag contains my face!, Prosecco… How classy people get shit faced!, Money may not buy happiness but id rather cry in a mercedes than on a bus!, If In Doubt Pout, Best auntie ever, ever, ever. The End., Best sister ever, ever, ever. The End., My little bag of magic stuff., In case of an emergency, apply mascara before helping others., We Will Be Friends Until We Are OId and Senile!, If you have nice eyebrows, you literally have everything in life., When my bra matches my pants I really feel like I've got my sh*t together!, We will always be friends, you know too much., I got this bag from someone who loves me!, No one texts faster than a pissed off female!, Gin is proof there is a god and he just wants to see us happy.