iClip is a small, lightweight and easy-to-use wallet which can store up to 12 cards and a large number of banknotes! They are all made from ultra-light, permanently-elastic, high-tech plastic robutense which is scratch resistant, extremely flexible and as light as a feather. It is compact, neat and classy at the same time – it’s like no other wallet!

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– Unisex
– Made in Germany
– Height 14mm
– Length 8.7cm
– Width 6cm
– Weight 18.1g
Available colours and materials:
Black (cowhide Leather)
Navy (cowhide Leather)
Nutshell (cowhide Leather)
Cream (cowhide Leather)
Red (cowhide Leather)
Carbon black (cowhide Leather)
Jeans blue (synthetic felt)
Jeans grey (synthetic felt)
Cowhide Leather:
Due to its clear design it corresponds perfectly with every dress code.
Synthetic Felt:
Made from 100% synthetic materials with an amazing denim look. It’s modern aspect makes a perfect match for any casual outfit!

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Black (cowhide Leather), Navy (cowhide Leather), Nutshell (cowhide Leather), Cream (cowhide Leather), Red (cowhide Leather), Carbon black (cowhide Leather), Jeans blue (synthetic felt), Jeans grey (synthetic felt)