BlueEyedSun Bamboo Cups – Meow


Over 100 billion plastic lined single-use cups globally are used for less than ten minutes each and then end up in landfills and in the environment every year. The plastic takes a very to break down and when it does it contaminates our eco system with micro-plastics which affect our soil, our water and our wildlife.

Say goodbye to single-use plastic with BlueEyedSun’s Reusable Bamboo Cups! The great thing about bamboo is that it’s very sustainable. It grows within four years, is pesticide free and has very little disturbance of the soil when harvested!

They make a wonderful gift and we have got a large range of colourful designs – take your pick, there’s one for everybody!

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  • Eco-Friendly – Our bamboo coffee cups are made from sustainable, bamboo fibre, corn starch and melamine resin
  • Easy to clean – Both the cup and the bamboo lid are dishwasher safe
  • Superior bamboo lid – our taste neutral lid is made from the same bamboo material as the cup with a lockable top
  • Silicone heat sleeve included
  • 400ml / 14Oz Capacity